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Quick Time Virtual Reality Movies
Apple's QTVR brings the best of Virtual Reality to Personal Computers
A product of Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group Invented by Eric Chen & Refined by Ian Small
Brought to you by   Joe Amenta the Photographer

I have been a pioneer in the production of the finest
virtual realty photography since its invention
by Apple Computer over seven years ago.

QTVR, QuickTime Virtual Reality brings an interactive
panoramic view of your business to millions
of desktops throughout the world.

With increasing bandwidth and computer speeds,
almost every computer can now experience
this exciting technology.

Click on a title at right to see these QTVR movies.
Then, call me at 773-248-2488 to order a
QTVR for your business.
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Sunset at Rush
The Michigan Avenue Bridge
Geronimo the Mackinac Racer
The Rubbermaid Booth
The Farberware Booth
The Original Nottoli & Son
Desperado the Sailboat for Sale
International Housewares Exhibition
The Great Room at Lyal's Studio
Home Builder's in Astrodome
The Pontiac on Dearborn
A Camera Rig

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